Aryan Ashory

Aryan’s Story


I am Aryan from Ghazni province of Afghanistan. I am fifteen years old and have dreams of becoming a lawyer for refugees crisis because in my case in order to find a lawyer for my mother in Greece I suffered a lot and it was the time I made my goal to fight for my right and for the right that all human beings should access to. There are so many choices in our life. One must deal with many accidents. But, not always are these achievements to be proud of. Giving up should not be an option in our life . Because in our life the problems are not too big, we are too small cause we cannot handle them. Most of the people are blinded by the term refugees, they think of adversity, but we must think of it as our opportunity. That's why we are passing through different situations with so many difficulties, but all these hard things makes us stronger, and they allow us to know the taste of the life. Our lives are not one-sided, they have ups and down. Sometimes we win and sometimes we fail. They call it weakness and I call it strength, they call us unable, but I call myself differently abled. They see my disability, but I see my ability . Now I can see to myself that I am stronger than the person that I was last year. I have met many people with different personalities. I experienced more things. A heart of a refugee is full of fulfil promises . Being homeless was not in our hands we was forced to leave our homeland and start a journey to Europe, the place where thousands of refugees are shouting for the meaning of freedom and humanity. There are some incidences that happen in our life that are so powerful they leave a mark on us forever. But these should not break us, only shape us.

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