Brown Ballerinas for Change

5000 Man March Performance

United States

Kennedy George, Ava Holloway, Sophia Chambliss, and Shania Gordon are proud members of Brown Ballerinas for Change. When they heard that the Robert E Lee monument was finally being removed, they knew they had to capture the moment, but they never imaged the photo would send such a powerful message.  We had the honor of speaking with them about what that moment meant to them:

"My dream for the future of this country is to have more acceptance, unity, equality and accountability, and less judgment, silence, and hate" - Kennedy George, 14-years-old

"Dance is definitely a form of protest, it's a way to express yourself and get your message heard" - Ava Holloway, 14-years-old

"These pictures are going to be something I get to explain to my kids when I’m older and they have such a strong meaning behind them." - Sophia Chambliss. 17-years-old

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