Leap of Dance


Leap of Dance Academy was founded in September 2017 with the aim of giving children who cannot afford the luxury of dance education. Since our inception we have become one of the very few Vocational ballets school in Nigeria, giving us the opportunity to receive international standard certification and partnership.Currently we are the only certified school in acrobatic arts here Nigeria and first Alixa flexibility certified instructors amongst others.

My earlier background was in dance before I started was self-trained.  Initially my parents weren't supportive of my career in dance as most Nigerian parents want their kids to be bankers, lawyers or doctors. It was tough but I knew what I wanted to be.

Ballet is still a growing process as most of the people here still feel it's a foreign craft and we should embrace our own Culture which we have not deviated from.  We are still in the process of orienting our audience. The major challenge is currently having a studio of our own and that's majorly what is our challenge, with this we can train our kids in a proper space where they would be fit for international standards. I feel there's a link between ballet and African Nigerian dances because ballet has revolved and every country has been able to interpret it to their own culture. There are some steps in the Yoruba Bata dance that looks like some of the ballet steps only done differently.